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I love going to optometry conferences! I just got back from the Southern Regional Congress in Melbourne.

It’s Australia’s biggest…over nine hundred delegates this year! There were some great presentations from Dr Jeffrey Gerson (Kansas) and Dr Nathan Lighthizer (Oklahoma). And local guys, like A/Prof Mark Roth.

Like yourself, I love picking up clinical pearls during lectures. Maybe it’s a new clinical technique or a treatment option.

I like to think of individual patients. Perhaps someone with Advanced Sjogrens Syndrome, who is keen to learn about new things to try.

Perhaps someone with Nystagmus who is just outside the acuity requirement for driving, with specs. (Asking myself whether a combination of small things may help or not.)

Or maybe it’s someone with MGD, who may benefit from additional therapeutics.

Bringing these clinical pearls back makes it worthwhile!

Have you thought about sharing some of your pearls on social media?

‘Healthy body, healthy eyes’ was a summary that applied to nutraceuticals for Diabetes, AMD and Glaucoma.

So, I made it into a post on our Facebook Page. If you haven’t checked it out already, download Adobe Post (click here). The app makes it super easy to write text and find images that work. And you can use images that are Public Domain (i.e. free).

You or your team can create images for your Facebook Page. They might have fun doing it, especially if they like using the other side of their brain. See who has the best creative flair.

Don’t forget to tell your audience what you want them to do afterwards. This is known as a Call-To-Action. Put your Practice Name (so that your community knows that it came from you) and your website.

When you publish, say to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, don’t forget to include a #Hashtag. Especially one that relates to your local area. (For example, #destinationwarrnambool or #fashion3286).

Using your clinical pearls, create several posts from your next Conference. Post each one over the coming weeks.

Through your posts, tell patients your story. After all, you and your team are what make your practice unique!

Oh, and the Advanced Sjogrens patient? I’m going to try her on some Cyclosporin Drops from a different compounding pharmacy. I’ll see if the patient loves them.

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Free Download: How to use Google to bring you more potential patients

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