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I teach:

  • Websites
  • Social Media


  • Independent Optometrists
  • Practice Owners

To grow:

  • Grow their influence online


Leigh Plowman

My name is Leigh Plowman and I’m an Independent Optometrist.

As a practice owner, I know that you studied hard at uni to graduate and gain the freedom of owning a practice.

You work hard everyday in appointments with patients to: listen well, give a thorough eye test and explain the solution well.

However, the practice that you have now is different from earlier. You no longer enjoy the same level of trust from patients that you recall from early days. Business margins are getting squeezed by corporates. It may not be long until the next corporate opens around the corner. Their wallets are big and have vast human resources. Perhaps you wonder whether you have what it takes to succeed.

We all want to succeed at something we’re good at. This is why we studied so hard at uni. To give ourselves the best chance.

My passion is for helping Independent Optometrists to create an online strategy and get more patients online.

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Free Download: Growing Your Practice with Social Media

Free Download: Growing Your Practice with Social Media

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