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Online shopping is growing at an increasing rate. More and more Australians turn to the internet to research and buy products and services.

Perhaps your computer is a bit slow, and you’re wondering whether it will hold up fine with Windows 10. Or you’re looking to replace your multifunction printer that failed.

It’s never been easier to put a dollar value to an item, and compare it to hundreds of items online.

Optometry Social Media Marketing

Optical Dispensing is no different. You’ve heard the latest offers about Two-for-One Multifocals, or $99 complete pairs. And most online retailers give free shipping.

To patients, all Optical Labs use the latest freeform technology, latest- generation Transitions and latest blue-blocking multicoats. Patients aren’t told otherwise.

So, as Independent Optometrists, where is our advantage?

Your patients have you to look after them. They trust You. And you are free to recommend the best management plan for them.

How do you identify the specifics of what you do well?

In his book, Social Media Explained, Mark Schaefer mentions one key phrase to help you identify the specifics of what you do well.

This phrase helps you guide your overall strategy. Additionally, it helps you to know if Social Media is right for you. After all, strategy is the wheel that turns everything else in your Practice.

The key phrase is “Only we…” Complete the phrase as it applies to your practice. Write down phrases both broad and specific:

An Independent Practice might say:


  • “Only we have the flexibility to recommend the best management plan for our patient.”
  • “Only we have an onsite lab and can fit stock lenses same day if patients get stuck”
  • “Only we do specialty contact lens fittings and Ortho-K”
  • “Only we allow patients to lay-by frames and lenses”
  • “Only we offer lenses that minimise Aniseikonia”


Spend time with your Team, and digest these phrases. Allow them to clarify your Practice Strategy.

Social Media does require time and effort. However, when you know your Message, you can identify whether Social Media is right for you and your Practice.


Next, think about the type of ideal patients that need to hear your Message. These are patients who want your unique offers.

Are you trying to reach:

  • A woman in her 70’s who likes skiing and spends time during the year skiing between Australia and USA? (Yes, these people do exist- I saw one lady not long ago.)


  • A man in his mid-40’s who rides a Harley Motorbike and needs prescription safety glasses for work?


Where do these people spend their time?

From your Consultations, you know that patients increasingly use computers, iPads and Kindles. But not everyone is online. Your ideal patients might read the newspaper or listen to the radio.

Your ideal patients are on Facebook already. But they might also spend time on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or Snapchat. Each platform has a slightly different mix (e.g. Pinterest has a significant female fanbase) and the audience switches on at different times of the day.



Completing the key phrase, “Only We…” helps you identify your unique advantages. Clarify this to produce your Message. Grow your presence on this Platform.

Make the most of your Independence.

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Free Download: How to use Google to bring you more potential patients

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